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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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s you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? >> check this out. you see that? that's hundreds and hundre singers pulled from a dog that was pulled from a dog that was attacked in the worst swarm of bees. in seconds in the heart of
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their sight ts on one pit bull puppy and he was left fiting for his life. >> his owners hoping he will be home soon and the bees next door will be gone. >> reporter: 18 weekend old has more than a fat lip. his entire body is swollen and covered with welts after under going a fight for his life. a literal battle with bees. >> with as many stings as he has. he had 50% of dogs his size. >> reporter: here are the stingers. more than 400. dr. jones said she has never seen a case as bad. >> he was having muscle tremers. almost like he was having seize you ares. >> reporter: his or deal started saturday when his owner let him and older dog lady out back. >> my smallest dog was yep
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swarmed by hundreds of bees. >> reporter: that's when he jumped into action. >> i got two or three feet outside and was just hit myself>> reporter: he barricaded himself in a laundry room unable to help the dogs. >> i was freaked out. he can't approach the hive which is inside the vacant house next door. >> it's a flash backs of being attacked by a wall of stings. >> reporter: fire fighters were he had more than 20 stings his dog 50 and tramp more than 400. >> i don't want to see another bee again>> he says they knew there were bees but never been aggressive. he hopes that that homeowner will remove the hive and in the american people meantime -- >> a fight between roommates.
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took out a gun and shot the other. the victim daniel garafalo died on the scene. 21-year-old zachery penten. he's corporate rating with the detectives. they are investigating the circumstances to see what charges he may face. it causes diarrhea and picked up at places families love to go. health officials confirm that theto going. with more than 100 cases reported. people who pick up the pair site in the pools just suffer severe stomach problems. jared, these symptoms are lasting for weeks. >> reporter: i yeah. i assume some viewers might be eating dinner. i'll spare you the details these kids are in pain. we talked to a couple of parents tonight. one of their daughters is on day
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another woman east son is on day 17. this is lasting a couple of weeks. their child picked up crypto here in wet n wild. county fishing say this is one of 20 different water parks and pools all over the plays where swimmers contracting the ill bookses. their kids are in so much pain for so long and there's not a lot doctors can do about crypto. normal probations h n -- operations. they're shocking the water once a week but remains unseen as to what effect chlorine can have on crypto. the parents want the water drained, slides scrubbed and signs posted. >> we had to cancel our end of the summer vacation. that was a bummer for everybody. that could have been prevented if they let us known. if i would have dropped him off that day and saw a sign i would
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>> reporter: county health officials say they are not naming all 20 pools and water parks effected because there's no way to at the time test the water for sure. they say if your kid fell sick a week after swimming get your child tested for crypto. >> police searching for the serial killer they say have ties to nine shootings across the valley. victim who was nearly hit by the suspect. ny my first reaction was to duck look away and get away as faz as i could>> reporter: take another look at the sketch. this is the guy police say is responsible for the shootings. if you know who this is call the number on your screen or if you recognize the car. a late model bmw. 480 witness.
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cards with our beautiful black screen here. >> laugh laughpy? you don't need a backdrop. >> coming up next. how researchers say they can
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>> a new study suggests the pictures on your instagram can tell if you're depressed. >> researchers found people who are dez depressed posted pictures who were not as bright or saturated of color and post pictures more often.
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targeting teenagers. called life stage. the video only social network. only users under 21 can use it. from the hard woods to the training floor. kobe bryant rang the opening bell. coincide with the unveiling of his 100 million venter capital fund. if you're looking to book your next troop tomorrow could be the day to do it. considered cheap flight day. when airlines switch to fall fears. ticket prices could drop. >> miranda lambert is engaged sort of. a six-year-old fan got down on one knee and asked her for her hand in marriage and gave her a ring. she said yes but has to wait 25 years. >> that's real fan. >> there you go. >> a report sos a record number
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>> we have a special birthday greeting to this lovely lady here. margaret miller an arizona native born in cornville. turning 99 years old today. her daughter tell us that she watches cbs 5 news every single day. >> thank you, margaret. happy birthday. 99? wow! happy, happy birthday. >> come on. bring some cake. >> decisions. little bit of drama. shelby miller traded for swanson. miller right now is in the minors and swanson is said to start at shortstop tonight for the braves. a look inside his locker. former number one pick. his rocketed way through the braves organization. now decisions coming about the
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we might get to see this week with the do you mind backses are missing out on the diamondbacks are missing out on. >> i couldn't be mad at anybody or upset because arizona didn't think enough of me to take me. i was grateful for that and blessed to be back home and close to family members. >> let's talk football. the cardinals hole for a few day. s let's today's practice we check in with tim. >> reporter: speaking of that. how come when the cardinals go to san diego you go when they come to glendale i have to go. i want to talk to the guy in charge. final week of training camp 2016. they're off tomorrow. wednesday, thursday and friday and that's it. game in houston. and back to their regular
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good news on sunday that mathieu were back. today more good news. the number one draft pick. limited today but back on the field for the first time at all. he had the high ankle sprain he suffered. if the cardinals want him to contribute at all to bb beating the the patriots he had to get out on the field. he was there today and happy about that. >> it's -- it six being out and watching your want to be out there helping them. a couple d line went down and i want to be out flp they work the reps and you want to join them. got to take it day by day and be calm and patient. >> reporter: that's four key defensive players in the last two games and -- speaking of mathieu a pick six.
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brown continues to suffer from that concussion that occurred in week one. that's taking a while for him to get back on the field but jer on are brown looked good today. >> reporting live. cbs5 sports. it was unseasonably warm in san diego. that's all i'm saying. finally you can't make this up. the second inning of a minor league game with the gate way grizzlies. how the fielder thomas smashed a grand slam into the parking after the game he realized it was his truck he hit. he reaction to the one in a million shot it was well worth it. >> absolutely. wow. >> fwhun a million.
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>> welcome back. monsoon activity although isolated hit the valley this afternoon. third day in a row that we've seen monsoon moisture through the area. we've got partly cloudy skies out there for us. 91 is the temperature. it did drop our temperatures for this afternoon. winds out of the north-northwest at 12 miles per hour. dew point at 55. nice and quiet or much quieter than it was about an hour and a half ago.
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the northwest of us. colonel under a flash -- currently under a flash flood warning. and a lot of lightning that is moves through that area. all of this moving towards the east. still going to be watching for the flash flooding over the next hour or so. as we zoom back out. put it in motion a lot of this coming from the southwest moving towards the northeast. for the phoenix area we got our taste not a lot that is behind but doesn't look like it will make its way into the valley. we should be calm as we head through the evening. here's a transition. monsoon moisture moving out drier air thanks to an area of low pressure off the coast pushing boo arizona. >> that means drier wormer -- warmer conditions. monsoon moisture doesn't get a chance to push back into arizona until the end of the week.
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things out. 100 our high. average 10437. s around that mark. tonight 80 the other night low and for bullhead city. 26 for sed nah. 70 for tomorrow. 36 for flag sta -- 63 for flagstaff and 101 for phoenix. drying out pm warming upbringing sunshine and into the mid park of the week. 104 on your thursday. week. increase the clouds and moisture level as we head into saturday. >> thank you. report from triple a shows a record number of drivers need help on the road. the car company responded to millions of call. many drivers in newer cars. kris martinez explains. >> reporter: every day los
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to the rescue of dozens. >> 80 calls a day. >> reporter: his first kay a hybrid toyota that wouldn't start. >> very common. >> reporter: trim a rescued a record 32 million drivers in 2015. commonly with battery or tire issues. and it's newer vehicles that are having problems. triple a says about 40 #40% of new cars don't come with a spare tire. when michelle stevens got flat, she onlied a an inflater kit in her trunk. >> there's too big of a hole to use that. i had to call for a tow truck. >> reporter: triple a says newer technologies in cars are contributing to break towns. keyless ignitions can put a strain on the batteries. >> that with all the additional electronic k device would drain the battery more quickly. the life expeck answer thecy of a battery is only three years.
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more than three years you're living on borrowed time. >> reporter: on this call ed found his customer's battery was a goner. >> 100%. back to the dealer. >> reporter: regularly checking your tire pressure and testing your battery ensewers you -- ensures you face fewer problems on the road. >> thanks. a look at the top stories. phoen p from one of our cbs 5 reporters. you see that? our reporter saw a car that matches the description of the suspect. near 30th street and thomas today and we spoke with a man who was shot at by the suspect at that same location. you can see the interview on your cbs5 mobile app. the teen back in court a judge rejected the state's
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two trials. there will be one trial. facing more than two dozen criminal charges involving sexual is conduct with victims. pack in may the government told schools they would lose none they didn't allow trance dp transgender students to choose the bathroom of their choice. that's going to do it for us here. >> and it's nice to have back on your regular shift. >> feels good. >> scott pelley up with the cbs
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: back to school in the zika zones. lesson one: protection. >> i don't take them anywhere where we're going to be outside for an extended period of time. >> dubois: also tonight, campaign 2016. donald trump on immigration. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. >> dubois: and revelations of more hillary clinton e-mails. wildfires. firefighters battle them. scientists try to understand them. >> it doesn't even require flame to ignite? >> no. just hot air. >> dubois: and there are eight million stories in new york city. anthony mason found one in this bookstore. >> reporter: a lot of people must come into this shop and wonder why you're still here. >> every day. >> reporter: why are you still


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